The Red Rooster Cafe Staff (aka "the Roosters")Steve, Joti, Stevie, Chloe and Joey Hahn, otherwise known as the “Roosters”, are the owners of Brevard’s newest restaurant, The Red Rooster Cafe. It’s a family run business with a cozy atmosphere and creative cooking… Who could ask for more?

So one might ask how did we ever come up with the name Red Rooster? Sounds more like a place that has batterfried chicken, right? Surprising it’s not even on our menu. Our last name is Hahn, which in German, means Rooster. We feature the Hahn Estate Wines, an actual vineyard in Monterey County, California, which illustrates a Red Rooster on the label.

Chef Steve Hahn of the Red Rooster CafeJust a quick bio on the chef… My husband, Steve, originally from Wisconsin attended two different culinary schools. Neither were “cordeau blue” schools, however, he’ll admit that school may have given him the “book knowledge” but his work experience taught him everything.

His first job out of culinary school as at a place called Shriner’s restaurant, a very high paced restaurant, averaging 4,000 people a day. That’s something a culinary institute does not teach.

In 1985, Steve was one of the chefs who opened the Crow’s Nest Restaurant. A local favorite in this area, he gained much of his experience working with the Executive Chef, Dale Hefner and his business sense came from Willie Krasnick, Marty’s son at Crow’s nest. Steve worked at Crow’s Nest for 12 years until the restaurant was unfortunately sold.

Last, but not least, Steve was the chef who opened Yellow Dog Café, a five star restaurant, in Malabar, FL. He was the executive chef and assisted the owners, Nancy & Stuart, in building their dreams. Steve worked there for almost nine years.

So after cooking for others for the last 30 years, don’t you think it was time for him to open his own restaurant? After looking for years, we stumbled on the perfect location, here in Micco, FL. We purchased this restaurant from a wonderful couple, Patti & Alan Contessa, also a “husband & wife combo”, who had owned the Country Garden Restaurant for the last 18 years.

We’re very excited about our new restaurant and look forward to building our business. Following your dreams can be very satisfying. In the beginning, there was just the three of us—Steve, Joti & Stevie. Now after two months in business, we needed a staff. And we are so thankful for Jen, Chelsea, Selene, Laura, Sean, and Teagan!! None of this would be possible without them.
So, thank you!!